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Pentracor is a medical device company that has developed a breakthrough innovation for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction. Our first product on the German market is PentraSorb® CRP and has attracted much attention since the completion of a landmark clinical trial. Pentracor has a research and development pipeline in several therapeutic areas based on our unique expertise in immunology.

C-reactive protein (CRP) is an antibody of prehistoric immune systems and the innate immune system. It binds to proteins of the complement system forming immunocomplexes. In heart attack and stroke CRP increases primary damage. Further, the severity of rheumatic diseases is often determined by the amount of CRP.

The CRP adsorber (PentraSorb® CRP) is CE-marked. The corresponding Quality management system certificate according to EN ISO 13485 and the EC Certificate of Conformity in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC are available.

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PentraSorb® CRP

Since November 2014 Pentracor GmbH is responsible and certified for the production and distribution of CRP adsorbers according to EN ISO 13485. The PentraSorb® CRP is an adsorber for the selective depletion of C-reactive protein (CRP).

CRP Adsorber

In the case of organ damage (e.g. heart attack or stroke), CRP marks cells capable of regeneration, which are then eliminated by the immune system. This increases the primary damage.

With the help of the PentraSorb® CRP can be removed from the blood with the aim of reducing this damage.

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CRP apheresis

In CRP apheresis, CRP is selectively removed from the patient's blood plasma.

The application of PentraSorb® CRP is comparable to dialysis and can be performed in an outpatient or inpatient setting.

During the treatment, blood plasma is passed through the PentraSorb® CRP, which then selectively removes CRP from it.

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In principle, CRP reduction can induce therapeutic benefits in a number of acute and chronic diseases.

PentraSorb® CRP is a potential therapeutic option for diseases where elevated CRP levels are associated with a poor prognosis.

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September 29th - October 1st: German Cardiac Society's "Herztage"

At this year's "Herztage" of the DGK we are featured with an exhibition booth. Also on the 29th Prof. Christoph Garlichs from Diako Hospital Flensburg will deliver a talk on the future of CRP apheresis in acute infarction within the session on inflammation and heart. Room Wien 2+3

Registration for the Heart Days is still possible.

21.-22 October: ÖSKIM 2022

We are represented at the second Austrian Symposium for Cardiovascular Intensive Care Medicine (ÖSKIM 2022) with a stand and as a sponsor.


Pentracor titled as innovative and presented in the IGG WB newsletter


The IGG WB current newsletter of the Brandenburg Healthcare Initiative, issue 2/2022, reports on Pentracor GmbH and describes it as innovative.

Special Issue "C-Reactive Protein and Cardiovascular Disease: Clinical Aspects"


This editorial was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

New article on CRP apheresis in acute myocardial infarction or COVID-19 published

Berlin, 25.03.2022

The article appeared in the renowned magazine "Medical Clinic - Intensive Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine" in issue 117 on pages 191-199.

Pharmacy magazine Mylife reports on CRP apheresis in heart attacks

Berlin, 03.06.2022

The pharmacy magazine Mylife has published an interview with a heart attack patient and his doctor. Our managing director also has his say here. The original article can be found on pages 52 - 45 of issue 11/2022.

Pentacor in the opening act of the Heart Days


The Pentracor is at the Heart Days of the German Society of Cardiology 2022 on September 29th. – 01.10.2022 represented in Bonn.

Second part of the second episode of our podcast has been published on YouTube


Pentracast is the name of our new, informative podcast in which various employees, users and many others answer questions from our medical device consultant Henrike Weß.
This is the second part of the conversation between Henrike and Oliver