Another Publication on 7 COVID patients


The Journal of Clinical Medicine published an article on 7 patients with severe COVID-19 who have been treated with CRP apheresis.

German Journal "Ärzteblatt" on C-reactive protein


Today the north-eastern German journal reports on C-reactive protein

Review zur CRP-Apherese bei Herzinfarkt und COVID-19


A German medical magazine for intensive care and emergency medicine published a review on CRP-Apheresis in patients with acute myocardial infarction and COVID-19

Publication on the pros and cons of CRP-Apheresis


The Journal of Clinical Medicine published an article on the pros and cons of selective CRP-Apheresis in humans.

Case series reports treatment of seven COVID-19 patients with CRP apheresis


The clinical observations of the article by Fabrizio Esposito, Harald Matthes and Friedemann Schad from the Havelhöhe Community Hospital in Berlin support the hypothesis that CRP is a possible therapeutic target in the treatment of early stages of severe COVID-19.

Article on CRP in cardiovascular events


A recently published article in the Journal of Clinical Medicine shows the influence of high levels of CRP on G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs).