Update on the clinical relevance of the C-reactive protein in Forum Sanitas 


An update on the clinical relevance of the C-reactive protein was published in the second edition of 2023 in the medical magazine Forum Sanitas. Dr. Wolfgang Ries and Dr. Fabrizio Esposito report from the practice of therapies for acute, necrotic pancreatitis and severe myocardial infarction.

Pentracor at the annual convention of the German Cardiac Society


We have been at the 89th annual convention of the German Cardiac Society in Mannheim where we had great conversations with new and old contacts in the cardiologists community.

Pentracor titled as innovative and presented in the IGG WB newsletter


The IGG WB current newsletter of the Brandenburg Healthcare Initiative, issue 2/2022, reports on Pentracor GmbH and describes it as innovative.

Pharmacy magazine Mylife reports on CRP apheresis in heart attacks

Berlin, 03.06.2022

The pharmacy magazine Mylife has published an interview with a heart attack patient and his doctor. Our managing director also has his say here. The original article can be found on pages 52 - 45 of issue 11/2022.

Second part of the second episode of our podcast has been published on YouTube


Pentracast is the name of our new, informative podcast in which various employees, users and many others answer questions from our medical device consultant Henrike Weß.
This is the second part of the conversation between Henrike and Oliver

German Journal "Ärzteblatt" on C-reactive protein


Today the north-eastern German journal reports on C-reactive protein