Announcement: Web seminar with experience report on CRP apheresis against COVID-19


We are represented with a lecture at the web seminar Biotech vs. SARS-CoV-2: A BioBilanz.

"Neutron" podcast presents CRP apheresis

On the Neutron podcast, CRP apheresis was introduced and explained, and Dr. Ahmed Sheriff was interviewed. The focus was on the use of the therapy in COVID-19 patients.

bbb Lunch & Learn "COVID-19 patients successfully treated with CRP blood wash - a new therapy option in the pandemic."

As part of the Lunch & Learn event series of the Biotechnologieverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (bbb), Dr. Ahmed Sheriff presented the PentraSorb® CRP and reported on its use at Klinikum Havelhöhe, where almost all COVID-19 patients are now treated with CRP apheresis. Afterwards there was an exciting discussion.

Industry Symposium at the DGK

An Industry Symposium about CRP, Lp(a) and Hydration is organized by Pentracor together with Kaneka at the 87th Annual Meeting of the DGK.

Care Sympsoium at the ISFA/E-ISFA about CRP apheresis

Pentracor organizes a Care Symposium about CRP apheresis at the 13th ISFA & E-ISFA Congress.