Pentracor GmbH, a spin-off from the university environment, has been in operation since 2010. With its solution PentraSorb® CRP is a completely new therapeutic, extracorporeal treatment method for the sustained containment of progressive internal tissue damage in patients following acute events such as heart attacks. By filtering the blood plasma outside the body, the so-called C-reactive protein (CRP), which causes tissue damage, is selectively and immediately removed. This gives the medical technology product from Pentracor a unique selling point.

  • Pentracor has extensive know-how, protected by patents, regarding the use and production of adsorbers for CRP blood washing (apheresis).
  • Blood washing with Pentracors medical product PentraSorb® CRP is the only therapy available worldwide that can selectively lower the level of CRP in the body and thus achieve better treatment results for heart attacks, which means a significantly better quality of life for patients.
  • In the EU and other countries in America and Asia, PentraSorb® CRP and its therapeutic use are protected by patent.
  • PentraSorb® CRP has been fully approved as a CE-certified medical device since 2014 and has been reimbursed by all health insurance companies in Germany by means of an additional charge since November 2018.
  • There is no risk of side effects as with a drug because it is used outside the body, so there are no restrictions on use.

Also in RBB magazine "Praxis" the CRP apheresis has already been presented.

Investment Highlights

PentraSorb® CRP is a pioneering product for the treatment of heart attacks, strokes and other acute conditions. The medical technology product PentraSorb® CRP has a marketing authorisation in the EU and all CE-marked countries without any restrictions for specific clinical pictures, whereas a pharmaceutical solution always requires a specific marketing authorisation for each indication. Except PentraSorb® To date, no drug or other therapy is available worldwide that can selectively lower CRP levels in the body and thus achieve the reduction of infarct and scar sizes after acute heart attacks.

  • The management team consists of scientists and entrepreneurs who also own the company.
  • Worldwide patents as well as the complex production process create high market entry barriers for potential competitors.
  • The product is already in use, and a clear growth strategy with large-scale product roll-out is now about to be implemented.
  • Global market for the treatment of heart attacks of around €5-6 billion, additional market potential of around €5 billion through the treatment of strokes.
  • Attractive investment in a bond with conversion option in the growing and increasingly important healthcare market.
  • Attractive bond interest rate (8.50 % p.a.) and potentially attractive exit opportunities via IPO or sale to strategic investor.
  • At the redemption rate of 120%, no IPO or exit (sale) should have taken place by maturity.
  • Bond issue in a private placement with a minimum subscription of 100,000 euros

Further information can be found in the bond terms and conditions and the bond factsheet (see Bond).