Hennigsdorf, 18.05.2021 - Today, the German TV station ZDF reported in detail about the promising CRP apheresis for COVID-19 patients from the medical technology company Pentracor GmbH based in Hennigsdorf near Berlin (convertible bond ISIN: DE000A289XB9, WKN: A289XB). At Berlin's Havelhöhe Community Hospital, Pentracor's new therapeutic extracorporeal treatment method is now being used with great success on many severely ill COVID-19 patients. Pentracor CEO Ahmed Sheriff: "You can watch how patients with severe COVID-19 courses get significantly better when using CRP apheresis. In particular, patients shortly before or shortly after the start of artificial ventilation are then quickly no longer in need of intensive care."

In this context, ZDF today also reported in its news section, in the Update am Morgen, in the program Heute - in Deutschland as well as in the ZDF Morgenmagazin on the fundamental problem that almost all funding to date has flowed exclusively into the development and production of vaccines, but hardly any support is given to research into therapies, medical products or drugs. Frontal 21 will also address this issue in its program today at 9 p.m. on ZDF. Ahmed Sheriff: "So far, our grant applications for a large clinical trial, which we need to generate evidence regarding the benefit for COVID-19 patients, have been rejected. However, we are confident that this will change soon. There is currently no competing medical device or drug that achieves a therapeutic effect in patients like our PentraSorb® CRP product."

Wide range of applications in the growing healthcare market

PentraSorb® CRP is not subject to any restrictions of use for specific disease patterns, as is, on the other hand, indispensable for drugs for each individual field of application. For example, CRP apheresis can also be used for stroke patients and rheumatic diseases. In the EU, the blood wash filter is patent-protected. It is used outside the body in combination with conventional dialysis-type systems. In the indicated cases, it filters the harmful so-called C-Reactive Protein (CRP) from the blood plasma. Further flanking patents in the relevant markets in the United States of America and Asia have been granted. PentraSorb® CRP has been fully approved as a CE-certified medical device since November 2014. It has been reimbursed by all health insurance companies in Germany since 2018 and has been in use since then.

The healthcare sector is characterized by a high level of dynamism and Pentracor is on the verge of a sustainable expansion of its business with a large-scale roll-out of its medical product innovation, which is already being marketed. Against this background, in May 2020 the company issued a corporate bond with a possible conversion right (ISIN: DE000A289XB9, WKN: A289XB) with a volume of 15 million euros, which is listed on the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and tradable in a denomination of 1,000 euros. In addition to an annual interest rate of 8.50%, the bond has a conversion option as an additional incentive for investors. Should an initial public offering (IPO) or sale (exit) of the company occur during the five-year bond term, bondholders would benefit again in addition to the attractive bond terms. If neither an IPO nor an exit takes place during the bond term, the bond redemption price is 120%.


About the Pentracor GmbH

Pentracor GmbH, a spin-off from the university environment, was founded in 2010. With the solution PentraSorb® CRP, a completely new therapeutic, extracorporeal treatment method is offered with a unique selling proposition to sustainably contain progressive internal tissue damage in patients after acute events such as myocardial infarction or stroke. By filtering the blood plasma outside the body, the so-called C-Reactive Protein (CRP), which causes tissue damage, is selectively removed. Pentracor has extensive and patent-protected know-how regarding the use and production of the adsorber PentraSorb® CRP. Apheresis with Pentracor's medical device PentraSorb® CRP is the only therapy available worldwide that can selectively lower CRP levels in the body, resulting in better treatment outcomes for acute events such as heart attacks. PentraSorb® CRP has been fully approved as a CE-certified medical device since 2014 and has been reimbursed by all health insurance companies in Germany by means of an additional charge since November 2018.


Company contact
Pentracor GmbH
CEO Ahmed Sheriff
+49 3302 20 94 49-0

Financial and economic press
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Dariusch Manssuri
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