Success for Pentracor at the German Medical Award 2020

  • Heart specialist Prof. Dr. Jan Torzewski secures 2nd place with PentraSorb® CRP
  • Award for many years of scientific work with a worldwide unique
    medical product

Hennigsdorf, 20.11.2020 - The medical technology company Pentracor GmbH, based in Hennigsdorf near Berlin (convertible bond ISIN: DE000A289XB9, WKN: A289XB), active in the dynamically growing healthcare sector, has achieved indirect success with its medical product PentraSorb® CRP. At the German Medical Award 2020, Prof. Dr. Jan Torzewski, head physician of the Heart and Vascular Center of the Allgäu Hospital Association at Kempten Hospital and specialized in cardiology as well as intensive care medicine, secured 2nd place among 34 renowned participants. He was awarded in the category "Medical Innovation Practices & Clinics - Cardiology". The award ceremony took place this Tuesday, November 17.

The German Medical Award "for the medicine of the future" is the leading medical and medical management award in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The prize was awarded for the fourth time this year. Pentracor CEO Ahmed Sheriff: "We warmly congratulate Prof. Jan Torzewski from Kempten Hospital. He has prevailed in a top-class field of scientists and physicians with the application of the innovative PentraSorb® CRP apheresis after myocardial infarction. This is also an award for our work at Pentracor."

Product PentraSorb® is the only therapy available worldwide for CRP blood washing
The Pentracor GmbH offers with its medical product PentraSorb® CRP is a new therapeutic, extracorporeal treatment method. It is used to permanently contain progressive internal tissue damage in patients after acute events such as heart attacks. Research in this area began in 2003 at universities. The company was founded in 2010. PentraSorb® CRP ist CE-zertifiziert, patentgeschützt und wird von allen Krankenkassen in Deutschland erstattet. Pentracor CEO Ahmed Sheriff: “PentraSorb® CRP birgt für alle Beteiligten nachhaltige Vorteile: für Patienten, deren Leben gerettet oder bei denen Teilinsuffizienzen von Organen eingedämmt werden, für die behandelnden Ärzte, für Krankenhäuser oder Ambulanzen und für das Gesundheitswesen, da chronischen Organinsuffizienzen, die kontinuierlich mit sehr viel Aufwand nachbehandelt werden müssen, vorgebeugt werden kann.

Wide range of applications in the growing and increasingly important healthcare market
PentraSorb® CRP is not subject to any restrictions on use in specific disease areas, as is essential with drugs for each individual field of application, and can also be used, for example, in stroke patients, COVID-19 and rheumatic diseases. In the EU, the blood-washing filter, which is used outside the body in combination with conventional dialysis-type systems and which filters the harmful so-called C-Reactive Protein (CRP) from the blood plasma in the indicated cases, is patent-protected. Further flanking patents in the relevant markets in America and Asia have been approved. Since November 2014, PentraSorb® CRP has been fully approved as a CE-certified medical device. It has been reimbursed by all health insurance companies in Germany since 2018 and has been in use since then.

About the Pentracor GmbH

Pentracor GmbH, a spin-off from the university environment, was founded in 2010. With the solution PentraSorb® CRP, a completely new therapeutic, extracorporeal treatment method is offered with a unique selling proposition to sustainably contain progressive internal tissue damage in patients after acute events such as myocardial infarction or stroke. By filtering the blood plasma outside the body, the so-called C-Reactive Protein (CRP), which causes tissue damage, is selectively removed. Pentracor has extensive and patent-protected know-how regarding the use and production of the adsorber PentraSorb® CRP. Apheresis with Pentracor's medical device PentraSorb® CRP is the only therapy available worldwide that can selectively lower CRP levels in the body, resulting in better treatment outcomes for acute events such as heart attacks. PentraSorb® CRP has been fully approved as a CE-certified medical device since 2014 and has been reimbursed by all health insurance companies in Germany by means of an additional charge since November 2018.

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