Results of the first clinical trial of CRP apheresis after acute myocardial infarction (CAMI1) were published in the cardiology journal Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine.

"CRP apheresis as anti-inflammatory therapy for acute myocardial infarction: results from the CAMI-1 trial."

The article describes that C-reactive protein significantly triggers myocardial damage after myocardial infarction. CRP concentration can be effectively lowered by CRP apheresis without relevant side effects. CRP apheresis has the potential to intervene with the deleterious effects of myocardial infarction. Lowering CRP levels has resulted in both smaller myocardial infarcts and improved cardiac pumping function.

You can read the full article here in German.

This study is continued with an ongoing CAMI registry. Information on how to participate in the registry can be requested at any time at register@pentracor.de.