The Märkische Allgemeine – Neue Oranienburger Zeitung reported on the Pentracor.
"In 2021, the Hennigsdorf-based company was awarded the Brandenburg Future Prize for its treatment of patients with heart attacks and corona infections. In November 2021, a good future seemed within reach for Pentracor,” writes Marco Paetzel in it.

It is mentioned how CRP apheresis could benefit and relieve hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our managing director Dr. Ahmed Sheriff is beeing interviewed. Those treated "have a 90 percent chance of survival," he says.

Although political attention is now being drawn to the topic and the state parliament members Andreas Noack and Björn Lüttmann have visited the company, the situation is serious. The medical product has long since been approved, is in stock and the nursing staff is available as part of the overall package. The author summarizes the problems as follows: “The health insurance companies have so far prevented hospitals from ordering the product by pointing out that the treatment is not guideline therapy. So there are no sales. However, large venture capital companies also do not know whether the investment will ultimately be successful. In addition, it is not a drug, but a medical product, the use of which is associated with effort. [...] you urgently need a loan for this year before the sales come in.” Pentracor already has the support of five medical specialist societies, but so far there has been no feedback from the Ministry of Health.

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