Hennigsdorf, 27.10.2021 - With 0.32 million euros, the Brandenburg-based medical technology company Pentracor (convertible bond ISIN: DE000A289XB9, WKN: A289XB) achieved a new record in sales in its still young history in the third quarter of 2021. As expected, half-year sales amounted to EUR 0.57 million. In the first nine months of 2021, Pentracor GmbH recorded significantly higher sales revenue of around EUR 0.89 million than in the full year 2020 (EUR 0.35 million).

COVID-19 both slows and drives development

The Corona pandemic remains an important factor influencing Pentracor's business development. Access to new customers remains limited. At the same time, treatment pressure is increasing in certain clinics. New treatment options for Covid-19 are urgently sought. This demand is leading to an increasing number of sales of Pentracor's CRP adsorber in these clinics. In order to maintain and further expand this sales potential, it is necessary to provide scientifically proven certainty of the value of selective CRP apheresis for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. To this end, the medical technology company has set up a corresponding hypothesis-generating clinical registry (DRKS). It also serves as a tool for quality assurance of the CRP adsorber and its therapeutic success after it has been placed on the market. Pentracor's management expects further significant growth in the future.

Further expansion of sales force and production capacities

Despite a weak labor market due to the pandemic, Pentracor succeeded in significantly strengthening its clinical application consulting and support services during the reporting period. Trained Pentracor personnel are now increasingly supporting customers with scarce resources in the care sector. As the company has expanded its sales force, it has also adjusted processes and production capacity. In the third quarter, Pentracor began construction of an additional clean room. In the future, this new room will allow housing production to be separated from adsorber filling. With a then almost doubled production output Pentracor is well prepared for the growing demand.

About the Pentracor GmbH

Die Pentracor GmbH, Medizintechnikunternehmen in Brandenburg, entwickelt, erforscht wie produziert und vermarktet mit PentraSorb® CRP den einzigen selektiv wirksamen Adsorber zur Entfernung eines entzündungsfördernden Eiweißkörpers aus dem Blutplasma. Immunadsorption bei Inflammation wird damit zur wirksamen Therapie überschießender Entzündungsreaktionen in den verschiedensten Krankheitsbildern. Mit einem erwarteten Potential von mehr als 200 Millionen Euro allein zur Behandlung von akuten Herzinfarkten gehört die selektive CRP-Apherese zu den vielversprechendsten Innovationen in der Medizintechnik.

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