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What are the key data on the Pentracor bond?

The bond of Pentracor GmbH is a fixed-income security (owner bond with possible conversion right) and can be purchased at a nominal value of 1,000 euros each in the context of a private placement with a minimum subscription sum of 100,000 euros. It is expected that from 29 May 2019, the bond will be included in trading on the open market (open market) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and will be tradable there.

The 8.5% coupon is valid for the entire five-year term and is paid annually on 29 May of each year (first time 2021). At the end of the term, the bond will be added at 120.00 % plus interest accrued to the creditors.

What is the issue volume of the bond?

The issue volume of the bond amounts to up to EUR 15 million.

What are the funds from the bond issue to be used for?

The funds raised will be used specifically to implement the growth strategy with large-scale product roll-out, in particular for expanding production, expanding sales, further clinical trials and FDA approval for U.S. market entry.

What is the interest rate of the bond?

The bond is subject to interest at an interest rate of 8.5% per year. The interest is paid annually retrospectively, for the first time on 29 May 2021

How long is the maturity of the bond?

The term of the bond is five years, starting on 29 May 2020. The repayment will be made on 29 May 2025, the date of due date.

Is the bond traded on the stock exchange?

The bond is expected to be included in trading on the Open Market (open market) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from 29 May 2020 and will be tradable there.

Which covenants are linked to the bond?

The terms of the bond include, inter alia, the following rules on the rights of bondholders:

  • Negative obligation
  • Third-party delay
  • Distribution restriction
  • Dilution protection
  • Change of control

Details can be found in the bond terms (see financial publicationssection )

Where can I find more information about the bond?

For more information, see the bond terms and the bond factsheet (see financial publicationssection).

We are also at your disposal for questions in person.


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