Twelve companies have been nominated by the main jury for the "Zukunftspreis Brandenburg" 2021. Six prize winners and one company as a special prize winner will be awarded Brandenburg's most important business prize in the final on November 12 at the Airport Center Berlin Schönefeld. Pentracor GmbH, based in Hennigsdorf, is among the nominees. "We are very honored by the nomination," said Pentracor CEO Dr. Ahmed Sheriff.

Worldwide unique therapy from Hennigsdorf

Pentracor, a medical technology company with almost 40 highly qualified employees, is the only company in the world to manufacture patented apheresis filters, so-called CRP adsorbers, developed in Hennigsdorf. They are the only therapy that provides an immediate selective reduction of the amount of the protein CRP from the blood with almost no side effects. These filters are used in a blood washing procedure known as CRP apheresis, for example in the treatment of heart attacks and Covid-19 with high levels of CRP in the blood serum. The effect of this therapy significantly reduces the area of damage in heart tissue, as a clinical study has shown. Cardiac tissue is thus preserved. Cardiac performance after infarction is measurably better. The background is a new understanding, also supported by studies, of the role of the protein CRP not only as a molecule for marking inflamed tissue. Rather, CRP also functions as a trigger that increases inflammation in various diseases. CRP is therefore often involved in the cellular destruction of inflammatory processes in the body. In many cases it is even the cause.

Successful for Covid-19

In the case of Covid-19, the prognosis of the further course of the disease in patients can be determined from the measured CRP levels. Accordingly, a rapid rise in CRP to high levels indicates an upcoming need for ventilation in the intensive care unit and an unfavorable prognosis. Medical experts interpret this as a kind of exaggerated immune reaction in response to the virus. It ultimately leads to the disposal of oxygen-deprived but still viable lung cells. This process can be directly or indirectly fatal. Particularly at the Havelhöhe Clinic in Berlin, there are now a number of cases successfully treated with CRP apheresis therapy and the Pentracor filter. CRP apheresis, when used in a timely manner, has been able to avoid long periods of artificial ventilation there, which is ultimately extremely important for the survival of Covid patients.

The partners of the most important business award in Brandenburg include the six chambers of commerce - IHKs and HwKs - as well as renowned institutions such as the Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH. In addition, the circle of supporters includes companies, banks, employment agencies in the state of Brandenburg and several media partners.