Tailwind for Pentracor's CRP blood wash as therapy

Hennigsdorf, February 17, 2021 - Pentracor GmbH, based in Hennigsdorf near Berlin (convertible bond ISIN: DE000A289XB9, WKN: A289XB), has achieved a major success with the publication of an article in the renowned immunology journal "Frontiers in Immunology". The title: "C-reactive protein activates cell death in poorly perfused cell tissue". The article, reviewed by the editors and several physicians at Frontiers, can be considered a milestone in the formation of opinion for clinical physicians on the new view of the physiological function of the protein CRP.

Review on the pathomechanism of CRP published

"C-reactive protein triggers cell death in ischemic cells":
In the Research Topic "Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Pentraxin and Pentraxin-Associated Proteins" of the journal Frontiers in Immunology, a review on the pathomechanism of CRP in organ-damaging inflammation was published.

World's only CRP blood wash therapy now also successful for COVID-19

Hennigsdorf, January 27, 2021 - The medical technology company Pentracor GmbH, headquartered in Hennigsdorf near Berlin (convertible bond ISIN: DE000A289XB9, WKN: A289XB), active in the dynamically growing healthcare sector, has successfully treated a patient suffering from COVID-19 caused by the Corona virus with its CE-certified and patent-protected medical product PentraSorb® CRP. The company has thus created another important option for action in the fight against the often fatal effects of the pandemic.

Report about COVID-19 patient, who was successfully treated with the PentraSorb®

The Märkische Oderzeitung reported about a recently successfully treated COVID-19 patient. The patient was treated 4 times with CRP apheresis and is recovering rapidly from the disease. The article describes that the therapy most likely saved the patient from intensive care medical treatment.